At Canna Therapeutic, we believe that gathering all the relevant experts around our projects is the key to develop a drug and bring it to market. We also believe that a healthy society is the core to making people happy and healthy.

Our business model is based on collaboration and our partnerships illustrate that belief. Business development is an integral part of our business strategy and decisive to support our dynamic growth.

We welcome opportunities for alliances or partnerships with business partners who can bring our drug candidates to the market and allow patients to access our innovative therapeutic solutions.




Without patients Canna Therapeutic would not exist. They are the most important asset of our organization. It started with all the anecdotal evidence created by various patient segments that has paved the way for our science projects.

Today we depend on patients in order to develop medicine that can enhance the quality of life. Without the clinical trials and documentation there would be no medicine.


In most societies, it’s the doctors who provide the patients with medicine. So the pharmaceutical companies are not in direct contact with the patients after the clinical trial are finished.

Therefore we have three primary actors when providing the patients with medicine e.g. Patients, providers (doctors) and payers. The latter is usually the government or insurance companies.


In many countries, patients are substituted by the state when they buy medicine. In other countries, it is handled by insurance companies which also exist in the countries with free healthcare systems.

In Denmark the payers are focused on generic medicine, so the patients will always be offered the cheapest product at the pharmacy.


Currently, many of our science projects and clinical development are collaborations with universities and PhD scientists. At the time of writing, we are developing cannabinoid based medicine for several cancer types and we also focus on multi-resistant bacteria with great success.

If you have your own PhD project feel free to contact us, we are open for new collaborations.


In order to reach the market, we also make science and business alliances with other companies. Our international network of scientists and related companies are vast and we have made several global partnerships in order to reach our leading position in the industry.


As most drug candidates take a long time to develop we are depending on our investors and their long term commitment. Without their commitment we would not be able to develop and put growth into our pipeline.